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BPO Skill Development- English

This course is about BPO Skill Development in English Language. Learn the key tools and language to grow your career in BPO sector. Let’s get started.


Estimated 4 weeks

2 hours per day


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About this course

Do you want to be an English Data Entry expert & develop your career as a skilled BPO professional? You have found the best learning platform that will help you fulfill those dreams. Welcome to WELEARN BPO skill development - English course. This course will provide you an in-depth training on all the aspects that will help you gather knowledge on how to decode old manuscripts & about the diverse patterns of English letters, names, paragraphs etc. You will have a profound knowledge on the English skills that will help you move one step ahead in your daily BPO career. Are you ready? Let's Go!

At a glance




BPO Skill Development- English



Course duration:

55-60 hours/ 4 weeks

Total session:


Total practice:


Total test:



  • Basic English Knowledge
  • Basic Computer Skill
  • Must Have Computer with webcam
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Aged Between 18-35
  • Minimum HSC Certification



Course Outline:

The objective of this course is to introduce and train the learners about the BPO Skill Development- English of different patterns of English letters, names, paragraphs etc. from different types of manuscripts.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Understanding manuscript’s handwritten cursive letters (Capital & Small)
  • Manuscript’s letter identification techniques
  • Understanding manuscript’s different given names & surnames
  • The logical solution of surname & given name
  • Learning, worldwide country & state names in cursive letters
  • Understanding manuscript’s handwritten paragraphs

What you'll get

In this course you will be benifited with:

  • Gather new skills
  • Certificate on accomplishment endorsed by ICT Division Bangladesh
  • Job oppurtunity at Golden Harvest Infotech Ltd. also in other BPO firms
  • Good earning potential (The more you work, the more you earn)
  • Propel your career towards self-reliance


Every session duration on average 5-6 minutes

Serial Course Content Quantity
1 English Capital Cursive Letter 7
2 English Small Cursive Letter 5
3 English Typewritten Given name 15
4 English handwritten Given name 6
5 English Surname logic and others name 4
6 English Surname Logic 4
7 English Typewritten Surname 4
8 English Handwritten Surname 4
9 English typewritten Surname 4
10 English Handwritten Surname 6
11 English Typewritten surname 4
12 English Handwritten Surname 2
13 English Surname typewritten surname 6
14 English handwritten Surname 4
15 USA States Name 4
16 Typewritten Country Name 2
17 Handwritten Country name 2
18 English Paragraph Practice and Test 45
19 Event Description 1
20 Final Exam 5

Marching Towards Self-Reliance