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BPO Skill Development- French

This course is about BPO Skill Development in French Language. Learn the key tools and language to grow your career in BPO sector. Let’s get started.


Estimated 4 weeks

2 hours per day


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About this course

Do you want to be an French Data Entry expert & develop your career as a skilled BPO professional? You have found the best learning platform that will help you fulfill those dreams. Welcome to WELEARN BPO skill development - French course. This course will provide you an in-depth training on all the aspects that will help you gather knowledge on how to decode old manuscripts & about the diverse patterns of French letters, names, paragraphs etc. You will have a profound knowledge on the French skills that will help you move one step ahead in your daily BPO career. Are you ready? Let's Go!

At a glance




BPO Skill Development- French



Course duration:

50-60 hours/ 4 weeks

Total session:


Total practice:


Total test:



  • Basic English Knowledge
  • Basic Computer Skill
  • Must Have Computer with webcam
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Aged Between 18-35
  • Minimum HSC Certification



Course Outline:

The objective of this course is to introduce and train the learners about the BPO Skill Development- French of different patterns of French letters, names, paragraphs etc. from different types of manuscripts.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Understanding manuscript’s handwritten cursive letters (Capital & Small)
  • Manuscript’s letter identification techniques
  • Understanding manuscript’s different given names & surnames
  • The logical solution of surname & given name
  • Learning, worldwide country & state names in cursive letters
  • Understanding manuscript’s handwritten paragraphs

What you'll get

In this course you will be benifited with:

  • Gather new skills
  • Certificate on accomplishment endorsed by ICT Division Bangladesh
  • Job oppurtunity at Golden Harvest Infotech Ltd. also in other BPO firms
  • Good earning potential (The more you work, the more you earn)
  • Propel your career towards self-reliance


Every session duration on average 5-6 minutes for Latin and 8-10 minutes for French

Course Content (For French)
Serial Course Content Quantity
1 English and Latin cursive letter 35
2 French Cursive Letter 04
3 French Handwritten Givenname practice and test 15
4 French Type written Givenname Memorize and test 21
5 French Handwritten surname Practice and test 02
6 French Typewritten Surname: Memorize and Test 08
7 French Surname logic 03
8 French Givenname and some words short form 02
9 French Number and Month 04
10 French Event Keywords 06
11 French Necessary Words 04
12 French Relationship words 03
13 Field Searching Keywords 11
14 Latin Numeric 06
15 Latin Event Keyword 09
16 Latin Image Practice 04
17 Paragraph Learning and Field identifying 04
18 Event wise Paragraph Practice and Test 05
19 Final Exam 01

Marching Towards Self-Reliance